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Giant Eagle came to us for an innovative promotion to announce the largest chain-wide price reduction in company history. The price drops would deliver customers an annual savings of $32.5 million dollars. We had five weeks to create major awareness of the new savings, reinforce the messages of on-going savings initiatives and generate media attention.


The Giant Eagle Savings Squad. We created a fully branded and customized mobile marketing street team of brand ambassadors that brought a fresh, energetic promotional campaign to Giant Eagle’s target audience.

Three kickoff media events sent the Savings Squad on a four-week, 20-stop tour to deliver the message of savings. We supported the tour by acquiring a small fleet of RVs that were converted into fully customized tour buses, then stuffed them with thousands of pieces of branded promotional material such as savings tip cards, t-shirts and reusable bags.

We paired each bus with five branded and retrofitted Segways. These enabled our Savings Squad to deliver the savings messages from the road directly to consumer’s hand at each stop along the way.

Giant Eagle Savings Squad
Giant Eagle Savings Squad
Giant Eagle Savings Squad
Giant Eagle Savings Squad


The kickoff media events were covered by every major television and print outlet in each of the three markets. This generated 3.1 million media impressions valued at over $315,000.

An estimated 100,000 customers and team members were directly exposed to the marketing efforts throughout the Savings Squad Tour. Over 250,000 promotional items were given away in association with these marketing efforts.


“It was fantastic!! The group was so energetic. They also energized my whole staff.”

Vince S., Giant Eagle Store Manager

“This is a great idea you have here. The Segways are fun looking and the team is very cheery.”

Sheryl M., Giant Eagle customer

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